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PLIDA stands for Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri (Dante Alighieri Project for Italian Language) and it aims at creating a modern, fun and dynamic course of study in Italian. In this important process and in order to ensure our students the best of this program, the Cambridge Dante is working in close cooperation with the Central Headquarters of the Dante Alighieri Society in Rome (original founder of the program), its language committee, and the Scholastic Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Boston.


The PLIDA program follows the guidelines of the European Committee for the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Hence, the program focuses on the development of the four basic linguistic competencies (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) with a particular accent on cultural matters. In our classes, students listen to Italian songs and conversations, watch Italian movie excerpts, present their projects, and, most importantly, are constantly engaged in group or paired activities. Our students learn to hone their language skills in a fun, engaging, and culture-oriented environment, progressively improving their expertise in each of the above competencies. We believe that our students are the real center of our classes and we plan our classes around their practice of speaking, writing, listening, and reading in Italian.


The PLIDA Language Levels
Following the European Committee for the teaching of Foreign Languages, the PLIDA is subdivided into six learning levels of progressive complexity. They are:


  • A1 Beginning Italian

  • A2 Elementary Italian (minimum level required to apply for an Italian Permit of Stay)

  • B1 Intermediate Italian

  • B2 Fundamental Italian

  • C1 Advanced Italian

  • C2 Professional Italian


The PLIDA Program at the Dante of Massachusetts
The PLIDA Program, which has been implemented with great success by the Dante Alighieri Society in diverse European and non-European countries, has been introduced at the Cambridge location beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year. During the fall of 2010 the new program was given only at the A1 Beginning level (PLIDA 101, PLIDA 102 and PLIDA 103). Due to the great success of our courses and to the positive response from our students, the A2 Elementary level (PLIDA 104, PLIDA 105 and PLIDA 106) was introduced in the fall of 2011. We will continue to introduce new levels until the entire language program is completed. The central Dante Alighieri Society in Rome considers the Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts in Cambridge to be a reference point for the PLIDA Program in the United States.


Admission to the PLIDA Program
All students are welcome to take PLIDA classes. Previous attendance of PLIDA classes is not mandatory.

Who should take the PLIDA Certification?
Students who may wish to be certified include those who plan to study at Italian universities (which accepts PLIDA Certification as proof of competency), American high school and college students who may seek college credit, persons interested in Italian language for business or training reasons, and persons wishing to be certified for personal reasons (level A2 of the PLIDA Certification is valid toward an application for the Italian Permit of Stay). According to the directives of the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University, and Research (MIUR), these exams are, however, required only of students who wish to enroll in Italian universities. Certification may also interest students who see the examination as a capstone experience after taking their PLIDA courses. Both students who have taken PLIDA courses and those who have not may take these optional examinations. Students coming from other Dante Alighieri chapters may also take the PLIDA certification examination.


The PLIDA Certification Exam
Examinations for certification are held twice a year, in May (A1, A2, C2) or June (B1, B2, C1) and November (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

The table below indicates the maximum duration of each exam.




For more detailed information about the PLIDA exam, please visit the PLIDA home page (in Italian).


How to Register for the Exam

  1. Print out and complete the registration form.

  2. Visit the Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts Society at 41 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. [Directions]

  3. Turn in the registration form (previously filled out) and pay the registration fee as follows (pay by check only):

    • PLIDA Exam A1 and A2 - $85

    • PLIDA Exam B1 - $110

    • PLIDA Exam B2 - $120

    • PLIDA Exam C1 and C2 - $170

  4. Upon payment you will receive a receipt. Keep the payment receipt for your records. Please note that you must appear at the Dante Society of MA and present the registration form and exam payment. You may not pay for the exam via PayPal.


Exam Location
The exam will take place at the Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts. [Directions]


Please note...


  • The day of the exam you are required to arrive at least 10 minutes before your exam.

  • You must bring a valid I.D (required to take the exam). An American driver’s license or passport are acceptable.

  • You can only take the exam if you register by the deadline.

  • Candidates who are late for the exam will not be admitted.


Preparing for the PLIDA Exam
Besides taking the appropriate class, another good way to prepare for the PLIDA Exam is to practice with examples.


Exam Fee Refund Policy
Exam refunds will be provided only until the close of registration for the exam.

More Information

For more information on the PLIDA Program and Certification, please contact or visit the Dante Alighieri Society, 41 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139-1547, or call (617) 301-8354.


Italian Classes Information:

617-301-8354 •

 PLIDA Exam Update


Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts in Cambridge has, regrettably, determined that it will not be safe, neither for all the candidates nor for the Examination Board to offer the PLIDA Exams.

As soon as the dates for the year 2021 will be available, our website will be updated.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the school at or call us at 617-301-835. Thank you!





What is PLIDA?

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