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In addition to the enclosed application, please submit (i) official school transcripts; (ii) at least two (2) letters of recommendation; and (iii) essay (see application). These comprise the application for a scholarship.


**On the application, please provide us with your email address. This is required for communication during the scholarship review process**


Scholarships are based on academic merit; the applications are judged by a selection committee as provided by the By-laws of the Pescosolido Family Scholarship Foundation, Inc.


The Purpose of the Foundation (Article III): “…is to encourage, promote, assist and further the study of Italy by students from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, of the Italian language along with the culture, civilization and history of Italy.”


No candidate or applicant for a scholarship award from funds of the Foundation shall be refused or be ineligible on account of his or her religion, race, ethnic origin, economic status or political belief. However, candidates must comply with the eligibility requirements.


Scholarships shall be awarded for payment of tuition or educational charges only; and solely to certified or recognized schools, colleges or universities in Italy.




The By-laws of the foundation:


            Article VI. Sec. 5 – Students (eligibility) – Persons shall be eligible who-


a.  (1)   Are residents of, or are domiciled in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or are attending or have attended schools, colleges or Universities located in Massachusetts; and also


b.  (2)   Have exhibited ability and serious interest in, or commitment to, the study of the Italian language along with the culture, civilization and history of Italy.



NOTA BENE: Although it is recommended that candidates for said scholarships read

the book authored by the Founder, Carl A. Pescosolido (with Pamela

Gleason) entitled THE PROUD ITALIANS, and write an essay, it shall not be required that a candidate shall have read said book or shall have submitted an essay upon same.

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